Terms & Conditions

Adminer Terms & Conditions

Services provided by Adminer Sdn. Bhd. hereby referred to as “Adminer” shall only be delivered after the relevant media and/or data plan (including fees and budgets) has been agreed by the Client. The relevant metrics and targets as stated in the relevant media and/or data plan are estimates only. The fees and charges payable to Adminer as stated on the media/data plan are fixed price but exclude any applicable tax, which shall be charged in addition by Adminer. Adminer’s services shall be subject to performance verification using the custom reporting as required by client issued by Adminer, and not subject to any audit process contained in any other agreement among the parties.

The Client warrants that:
(i) Adminer, and its suppliers/sub-contractors, are entitled to place cookies, pixel tags, pixel-less techniques or web beacons and related technologies and other relevant tags (the “Technology”) on, and collect information from, the Client’s websites and other relevant sources of data in the performance of the services;

(ii) Each source of data collected by or on behalf of the Client and supplied to Adminer makes the appropriate disclosures (including without limitation by means of a privacy policy) regarding the collection and contemplated uses of such data and shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations (including but not limited to the Privacy and Electronic Communications laws governing the land);

(iii) Any data provided by or on behalf of the Client shall not contain any information that Adminer could use or recognize as personally identifiable information.

The Client acknowledges:
(i) any third party Technology and data (“Code”) is the property of its owner(s) and the Client does not have the right to use, adapt modify or copy any Code;

(ii) that Adminer does not make any warranty or representation of any kind in respect of the Code;

(iii) the Client assumes full responsibility for the operation of the Code. To the extent permitted by law Adminer’s liability shall not exceed US$3,000. These terms shall supersede any previous contractual terms between the parties.